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Thank a Veteran This Memorial Day 2016

Memorial day is the day in which people remember and thank the veterans who died for the freedom of the lives of the citizens. Veterans serve for each and every individual, and they work to protect layman and make us live our life in a peaceful way. They risk their life for our freedom and our ease without even thinking about their own family and their own life, and that's the life of a veteran is like.

For those who still find no reason to thank veterans do check these images, I'm sure after seeing them, you will surely feel like doing something for the veterans this Memorial day 2016.

Why Thank Veteran
This will Definitely give you a reason to Thank Veteran on this Memorial Day 2016

These powerful images clearly show how veterans help us not how much the sacrifice for us.  The tremendous commitment and sacrifice these men have made to their country are a debt that we’ll never be able to repay fully but there are still ways that we can offer our thanks.

Ways To Thank Veteran's This Memorial Day 2016

1. Give your time at a nearby Veteran's Affairs hospital as a volunteer. 

Visit a nearby Veteran's Affairs Hospital on Memorial day 2016 and remember the Veteran's that are being taken care of for both mental and physical illness and spend some time with them so that they feel better, show some empathy and put forward your hand whenever they need help.

2. Have a meal with those Veteran's

This memorial day 2016 when you visit a veteran in a hospital or anywhere, take some good food with you and share it with the veteran's to show them that they are not alone.

3. Shakehand and Thank them straight when you meet them.

There's something so basic yet so touching about simply shaking the hand and offering an expression of gratitude to a military administration part whenever you see them in uniform.

4. Write them a Letter of Gratitude.

Write them a letter or care package expressing gratitude toward them for their services. Associations like Any Soldier and Operation Gratitude have all the data that you might need. You just have to make a consideration package and send it to a veteran.

5. Help a homeless veteran by donating to foundations that help them to get services.

Tragically a few veterans are homeless or unemployed because of inconspicuous circumstances. Kindly make the best decision and bail a homeless veteran out rather than not doing anything if you have enough funds. You can also raise charity for this purpose and provide to the foundations.

6. Help out families of overseas veterans by giving your time.

There's in no way like a spouse of a veteran who turns into a solitary guardian getting a few hours of "individual time" to go out and deal with herself without agonizing over her youngsters. Give yourself the opportunity to help by reducing the burden. Likewise, give yourself the chance to help such a guardian by simply being there for them as they manage nervousness and anxiety of having their child abroad in the season of peace or struggle.

7. Write to your Congressman and/or Senator to bolster bills to help veterans. 

Veterans need assistance with rearrangement to regular citizen life and returning back to their family and companions in the wake of serving our nation abroad. Veterans need help with physical requests after an arrangement. A few veterans likewise manage maladjustment from PTSD and other mental ailments and need assistance managing those.

Some Other Small Ways To Thank Veterans.

1. Donate to the USO. [Link]
2. Place flowers or flags on the graves of veterans.
3. Help a homeless veteran through VA services. [Link]
4. Teach your children about Memorial Day and Veterans Day and tell them how grateful we should be for the service of our soldiers.
5. Attend Memorial Day Parade. [Link]
6. Volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Project. [Link]
7. Go to your local war memorial and say a silent thank you to those who died while serving the country.
8.  Fly a flag, correctly.
9. Ask veterans about their service.
10. Offer to babysit for a military spouse. They need a night off too.

Now here are some of the responses that Veterans themselves gave when asked how we should thank them.

When asked from Mr. Stephanie Christopher, he gave a great and blunt answer in a witty way.
 “Listen when I share my stories and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to offend, veterans aren’t shrinking violets. We’re pretty hardcore. And if you want to buy me a beer, I wouldn’t turn that down.” —Stephanie Christopher, U.S. Army veteran 
As we told you, a simple handshake can be a good way to thank the veteran and so is Mr. Ryan Kaufman's view.
 “Welcome home with a handshake is enough for me. Please do not place me on a pedestal.” —Ryan Kaufman, U.S. Army veteran 
These words by Mr. Shawn VanDiver is so true, until and unless we do not recognize their services we can never be able to appreciate it.
 “The best way people can thank us for our service is by engaging the military and veterans communities in meaningful ways. Recognizing their sacrifice and taking meaningful action to ensure that the promises made to us when we entered service are kept.” —Shawn VanDiver, U.S. Navy veteran 
Veterans do their service, and we should focus on ours, that's what Mr. Brock Young wants in return for the service that veterans provide to the citizens.
  “When asked how to someone should thank me for my service, I respond simply: learn the Constitution, get informed, and vote accordingly. Don’t allow the rights that veterans fought, died, and bled for, to be voted away or limited due to ignorance, laziness, or a sheep mentality. If you want to do something more substantial you can always support Soldiers in need, donate to charities that support Veterans, or find a local Guard or Reserve unit for your company to adopt.” —Brock Young, U.S. Army veteran, Army National Guardsman

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